Find insights without ETL tools or manual data work.

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Connect your data in a flexible warehouse in minutes.

Connect databases, SaaS applications, & files in one easy-to-use platform. Data is copied into the warehouse and modeled automatically, and always up-to-date.

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Write & share blazing fast queries.

Write queries with Autodaas's built-in SQL editor, or use the intuitive Query Builder to join, filter & aggregate data. Autodaas's query engine does the heavy lifting, so you can find insights on data at any scale.

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Connect your data to business intelligence and advanced data tools with a few clicks.

Create data visualizations in the BI tool of your choice. Using Autodaas, technical & business users alike can connect data tools with a few clicks.

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One place to manage all your company's data, views, and queries.

Fine-tuned permissions are built right into Autodaas, making it simple and safe for your team to download and share data.

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