DaaS: Remove Bottlenecks and Make Decisions Faster

Businesses win today by answering questions with data quickly.

This goes beyond just pulling a data extract and looking at some numbers. The real competitive advantage lies in being able to ask and answer questions about your business with data.

To answer the question, “Which customers should we focus on?”, you need to tell a story with data that spans marketing budgets, product engagement, revenue per account, customer service touch points, and more.

The challenge, however, is that you need to combine data from multiple sources and interpret it within the context of your business. Traditionally speaking, this is difficult. It could take weeks or months, and involve writing a lot of code.

DaaS (Data as a Service) helps businesses win by allowing anyone to access data whenever they need it, which means decisions are made faster, with more certainty, and better accuracy.


What is Data as a Service?

Recently, a new data management approach called Data as a Service has emerged. It’s more than the latest flavor of data warehousing or reporting, DaaS is a totally new way to think about how information is created and moves around your business.

The main idea is that all of your company’s data is stored in a central repository, and any user, system, or application in your company with the correct permissions can access that data on-demand. It promotes a central, shared understanding of the data in your company.

A Data as a Service platform like Autodaas enables this through five core components:

  • Streamer: gets all of your data from your systems in a centralized repository in real time.
  • Query Builder: query data from different sources, join, filter, and transform data with a user-friendly interface
  • Search: full-text search of your data and metadata
  • Metadata Library: tag and describe your data, creating a repository of shared business logic
  • Sharing Capabilities: share data via email, API or connections to popular data tools, with the correct permissions and security.

What does it 
mean for your business?


Anyone can access the data they need, whenever they need it.

On many teams, anyone who needs data requests it and waits. DaaS empowers business users to browse the available data and reports in their ecosystem or perform their own analyses. Using a DaaS platform like Autodaas, business logic can be baked into a report once, and end users can access reports or review that logic (in plain English) anytime.

This means that different users can access and work with data in different ways. Some people just need to glance at a report they rely on for day-to-day decisions. For others, a DaaS platform empowers them to explore the data that’s available, run their own analyses and use advanced data tools to answer a complex question.

A DaaS platform empowers users and keeps Business Intelligence teams from becoming an operational bottleneck. It also elevates the role of IT and Business Intelligence to work on complicated, valuable analyses… not just running data extracts.


It’s easy to share data

Need to create a workbench for a client, introduce a reporting function into your product, or just send a data feed to a third-party? With DaaS, you can expose your data to outside users via an API. This makes sharing data much quicker, as your engineering team doesn’t have to spin up new databases and copy data every time you want to share. With a DaaS platform like Autodaas, security and permissions are built-in, so IT teams can easily manage access without slowing down operations.

The bottom line is this: for your business to win in today’s fast-paced market, data needs to flow freely and be easy to work with. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, the team at Autodaas are big believers in data as a service. In fact, that’s what the daas part of our name stands for! We’re building Autodaas because we want everyone to be able to use their data quickly and confidently.

If you’d like to learn more about Autodaas, please get in touch.