Introducing ‘Talking Shop’, a series about tools, tactics, and solving data problems

If you’ve followed the Autodaas journey so far, you know that we’re obsessed with making it easier for people to work with data. As data practitioners ourselves, we love to stay up-to-date on the latest data tools, tactics, approaches, and buzzwords. Not only is it fun (we know, it’s a little bit nerdy), but it helps us stay close to the problems that we’re solving with Autodaas and understand the landscape that our customers face when they sit down to work with data every day.


We want to share our findings with you as we continue to learn and experiment, so today the Autodaas team is launching the Talking Shop blog series.



As you might guess from the title of the series, these posts will be fairly tactical in nature. Our goal is not to write documentation or step-by-step guides, but rather to share our thought-process when working on data challenges, chat about new tools, or give an overview of an emerging trend. Some will be fairly technical (code snippets and all), and other will stay at a business, systems, or strategic level.


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The first Talking Shop post comes out later this week. Founding engineer Samer Abu-Nasser writes about using a Jupyter notebook, ice cream sales numbers, and weather data to predict overall sales.


We want to hear from you!

Is there a specific topic that you’re interested in? Any tool that has caught your eye, but you haven’t had time to install and play with yet? A challenge that makes you think “There’s probably a better way to do this”? Drop me a note – [email protected] – I’d love to hear feedback about what would be useful to you.


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