Replicate data into Autodaas's data warehouse in minutes.

Connect databases and SaaS applications in one easy-to-use platform. Data is copied into the warehouse automatically and is synced in real-time. You can also upload files of any format.


Define a “source of truth” data model using SQL or Autodaas’s QueryBuilder UI.

Create the data layer for your company’s reporting & analytics. Using SQL or the Autodaas UI, you can clean, transform, join, de-dupe, and add logic on top of your raw source data. Your data models are stored as Views, so you can version-control, re-use, and make tweaks without breaking down-stream analyses.


Manage all of your datasets, users, and permissions in one place.

It can be challenging to balance flexibility & speed with security & best-practices. Autodaas lets you monitor and control access to your company’s data at a granular level. Create read-only users, hide columns, obfuscate sensitive data, and track who is accessing datasets.



Write blazing fast SQL queries in Autodaas, or connect Business Intelligence tools & workbenches.

Connect the tools you’re already familiar with. Whether you’re building an operational dashboard, writing an ad-hoc SQL query, or writing Python in a Jupyter notebook, use the right tool for the job and rely on Autodaas’s performant query engine to do the heavy lifting.


Centralize, reuse, and collaborate on queries easily.

Business logic should exist somewhere besides your desktop, emails, or in your head. Autodaas gives you a central place to store queries right alongside your data. Peer review and share logic across your team, and use the results of a query as a data source for further analysis.


Send data quickly and securely.

Share data back-and-forth smoothly and securely. Send the results of your query to a teammate with a few clicks, or invite someone from the outside to collaborate on your dataset. Autodaas lets you provide self-service to your data, without setting up additional BI tools or bugging IT to set up SFTP servers.