Built from the ground up.

Autodaas focuses on collaboration and ease-of-use. It runs 100% as-a-service, meaning you don't need to set up or manage your own data warehouse or ETL pipeline. Under-the-hood, Autodaas is built on a modern analytics stack so it can fine-tune and automate manual processes rather than forcing clunky data warehouse workflows. We built Autodaas from the ground up because it resulted in a faster, smoother analytics experience for our users.

Automation is speed and simplicity.

Automatic data ingestion

Autodaas ingests data and loads it automatically for you. Whether it's relational or semi-structured data, Autodaas detects the schema of incoming data and creates tables instantly. When you connect a data source, Autodaas sets up a data streaming pipeline and ensures your data and downstream Views are up-to-date.

Precision query scaling

Autodaas scales compute resources automatically, so there's no need to resize instances or estimate how much query horsepower your team will need. What's more, Autodaas is the only data platform with sub-minute query precision. This means Autodaas can turn query execution nodes on & off within minutes, so you're not paying for extra hours of performance.

Flexible schema changes

It's frustrating when schema changes on your data source cause issues with the data load. Autodaas listens for schema changes and adjusting target tables for you. (e.g. If your source system adds, removes, or renames a column, Autodaas will automatically do the same.)

Intelligent storage

Autodaas ingests data in its raw form (relational, JSON, etc.) but converts and stores it in a more performant type called ORC automatically. This lets you query any type of data as if it's in a relational format (using standard SQL operators), but take advantage of advanced columnar storage formats and techniques on the back end.

Materialized views

"Materialize" or snapshot a dataset with one click, or schedule a data refresh. Materialized views let your team query huge volumes of data without worrying about long-running queries.

Metadata & data lineage

Autodaas was built with metadata collection in mind. Every query and transformation is stored and categorized automatically, allowing for code re-use and simple data lineage. Analysts can easily see where data comes from, what transformations were applied, and where else it's used.

The smart choice for IT leaders.

Faster time-to-value

Autodaas can be deployed and operational in days. It automates or eliminates many of the lengthy steps involved in a traditional data warehouse setup, including copying data, warehouse design, merging and transforming, and performance tuning. With Autodaas, your team will be analyzing data and delivering value in a fraction of the time.

Less maintenance required

Traditional cloud warehouses require a fair amount of care and feeding to stay operational. Autodaas's flexible schema changes, quick source ingestion, and precision scaling make sure your team can focus on analysis instead of data plumbing. Overall, Autodaas requires less IT resources and engineers to operate compared to traditional cloud warehouses.

Works with your existing setup

Autodaas ramps up gracefully with your existing infrastructure and workflows, so there's no big cutover event to plan for. You can start with a few databases or files, or ingest an existing data warehouse into Autodaas. Pricing scales with your data volumes, so it's easy to start small or run in parallel with existing systems.

Make the most of your investment in BI tools

Whether you have a centralized analyst team, embedded "citizen" analysts, or use a hybrid approach, there are probably several different BI tools and data customers in your company. Autodaas lets you make the most of that BI investment by delivering up-to-date, well-defined data to those tools and stakeholders.


Autodaas adheres to best-in-class security standards.

  • Encryption: All data is encrypted at rest using NIST- recommended encryption algorithms. All data in-transit data is protected by SSL certificates using the SHA-2 256-bit hash algorithm.
  • Authentication: Built-in Single-Sign-On, Multi-Factor Authentication, JSON web tokens (JWT) with customizable session timeout, and Anomaly Detection.
  • Firewall & VPC: Fine-grained network configuration in four different zones: User Interface, REST API, Application, Data. In each of these zones, specific IP addresses or IP address groups can be explicitly white-listed or blocked.