Why Are We Building Autodaas?

If your company is anything like mine, data is one of your most valuable assets. A truly data-driven organization can quickly answer questions like “How does this marketing campaign tie to revenue?” or “Should we hire another engineer?” at the drop of a hat. Sales leadership can ensure that reps talk to the right customers at the right time. A university can find out which alumni are more likely to give to a capital campaign. A doctor can suggest a promising clinical trial based on patient’s disease.

But if your company is anything like the ones we’ve worked with during the last decade, the real story is different. The questions sound more like “Who knows how to run that report?”, “Where is this data from?”, or “When can we get those numbers?”

The good news is that businesses are creating and capturing more data than ever before, and incredible things are possible with that data. Advancements in cloud technology, open-source software, and advanced computing are completely transforming the way we think about our businesses.

But here’s the bad news: Most teams are flying blind because they can’t get data into the hands of their people fast enough.

In most organizations, data lives across a variety of sources. Business users aren’t able to search across the company, join data together to create analyses, or share data without writing code or bugging someone from the IT or Engineering department. Not to mention, most IT teams are weighed down by outdated systems, and they don’t have the budget, time, or know-how to propel their organization into the age of modern business technology.

In our experience, business users just care about getting the info that they need- on time, and consistently. If the process is not self-service, however, IT usually gets regulated to the tactical role of “running reports” for business users, and engineering teams have to make tradeoffs or do things the quick way rather than the right way.

At Autodaas, we think data environments should be different. Working with data should not be about making requests, the waiting game, or writing unnecessary code. It should be self-service, fast, and easily understood.

Autodaas gives business users self-service access to their company’s data. Whether you’re the Chief Data Officer of a Fortune 500 company or the intern at a brand new startup, Autodaas helps you search, merge, tag, wrangle, and share data from any of your company’s systems.

We know the issues that teams face with data and infrastructure – security, scalability, logging, source acquisition, backend flexibility – and we’re opinionated about the right way to solve them. We’re building Autodaas because we’ve been there, and we think you should spend your time, money, and calories solving problems for your customers instead. We’re building Autodaas because we believe the businesses that win tomorrow are the ones that can harness the power of data to make decisions today.